Monday, April 02, 2007

Xerox Acquiring Global Imaging Systems

Going the route of growth through acquisition, Xerox (XRX) is buying Global Imaging Systems (GISX), a huge distributor of "copiers, fax machines and printers" and related services to small business customers in North America. As I posted here in February, Xerox's latest new color printers have been targeted for Small and Medium Business (SMB), and this channel acquisition effectively "buys distribution" for Xerox into this customer base at the expense of GIS's current major suppliers, Richoh, Konica Minolta, and Sharp.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how this will affect the local printer copier market with the local Global Vendor here in Boise becoming a part of the Xerox fold.

It wasn't too long ago that BOE was a local company that was purchased by Global... a second buyout in a year. That can't be easy on corporate culture.

Anonymous said...

global is in a really bad position...the thought that they can keep current customers is nuts. Ricoh and Canon have cut them off of effect..they have nothing to sell and the current reps / management hasn't a clue how to sell Xerox...dumb move on both companies. I see why Xerox did it...they are now # 3 copier company...and I see why global did it too...easy $...good luck. The DC market is laughing at the whole thing.