Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Memjet, Silverbrook press

I've been keeping a log of most of the Memjet Silverbrook press that's come to my attention, but as it's rolled off the front page of my blog I'll provide a "refresh". The Australian PC World is the latest (April 10, or 10/4 down under) to offer a summary by Danny Allen. Interesting that when I call up the article it features an animated HP ad as part of the layout -- coincidence I ask?

Update -- Danny's "The Print Shop" piece is available on the US PC World site now, dated 4/9/2007.

Update 4/12/2007 -- A sharp-eyed blogger at The Blueprint, John Cronin, caught a change in the Memjet Silverbrook web site that leads to some interesting speculation on his part. (I only caught his 4/10 post "What will Make Monochrome Printers Obsolete?" today.)

Update 4/23/2007 -- I'll do another full MemJet press post tomorrow, but for now, don't want to overlook this good summary from the photo world.

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Anonymous said...

"coincidence I ask?" Yep. As you noted, I originally wrote the story for US PCW. Cheers, Danny.