Thursday, March 22, 2007

First "Real" Memjet Silverbrook press is online

In my old-school bias towards the traditional tech "print" press, it's finally about time some of them showed up! Of course I've already posted about what The Hard Copy Observer and Lyra Research have been all over, the Memjet/Silverbrook story, for two weeks now, and the bloggers have done what they're best at, PC Magazine is finally on the story today with a piece, "Stealth Inkjet Printer Startup Could Rock Industry". Nothing much new except for the quotes from the head man at Lyra, and we'll forgive that they mispelled the names of Lyra's Charley ("Charlie") LeCompte and Kia ("Kai") Silverbrook, but nonetheless old reliable "PC" provides a good update on this most fascinating story in our industry.

3/27 update -- PC Magazine has a piece on Memjet. More press, same author and same pub

3/28 update -- Investors Business Daily has a story. This is the first we've seen analyst opinions from outside the house of Lyra.

3/30 update -- The Economist covers all the recent action in the inkjet market.

4/2 update -- Databazaar Blog, from "the country's largest independent online retailer for printer supplies", covers Memjet Silverbrook including an interview with their VP Marketing for Home and Office, Kim Beswick.

4/3 update -- Another blog post, no new info but a good summary from Consumer Electronics land at TWICE -- Memjet Cometh.

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