Thursday, April 26, 2007

Logoworks -- "World's Largest Network of Designers"

This morning's Salt Lake Tribune features a great analysis of the company that Logoworks has grown into, and HP's (HPQ NYSE) rationale for its purchase of the parent company, Arteis, as announced earlier this week (see "HP Acquiring Logoworks"). Ben Nelson, "general manager of H.P.'s destination Web services in San Francisco" and speaking on HP's behalf, compares the company to Snapfish (and Ben should know since that acquisition is how he joined HP), also goes on to expand on that quote in the subject line.
"They've got the world's largest network of designers who are connected online. It affords high quality work for a low cost to customers. It was something that was irresistible to us."

The article quotes numbers, too: 25 in-house designers, 200 free-lancers connected by the net, and 120 total employees. Elsewhere, Logoworks' web site claims 45,000 satisfied small business customers.

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