Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More "cheap" Marketing Research?

In early July, I blogged about some interesting market data I'd gleaned from Amazon's web site, specifically regarding HP's (NYSE HPQ) interesting photo-oriented Color LaserJet 2605DN. Well, I meandered back to the 2605DN's Amazon listing today, about seven weeks later, and found some fascinating changes. The printer's Electronics Sales Rank has shot up to #5,995 -- that's up from rankings around 40,000 when I checked it several times in early July. And the percentages for "What do customers ultimately buy..." alternatives have move a bit -- actually more customers are buying the HP Color LaserJet 2600N now (78% vs 73%) but more are buying the subject printer too (8% vs 4%). The 2605DN's price has been reduced to $449.99 from $471.42 (strange price huh?), so maybe that accounts for the increase in sales rank and percentage. Another change is the product's description page is very thorough and attractive, much more so than earlier.

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