Thursday, July 06, 2006

Market Data on the cheap?

In helping a friend look for a new color laser printer, I ended up cruising for their pricing and user comments. This is interesting, I think -- as of today, the HP (NYSE HPQ) Color LaserJet 2605DN is Amazon's #37,467 seller in electronics, down from yesterday's #36,818. Not too bad but hate to see the trend continue, huh? Also interesting? Of the people viewing the 2605DN (at a current price of $471.42), 73% end up buying the HP Color LaserJet 2600N, 17% end up buying the HP Color LaserJet 3600n (at a price of $599.99), only 4% buy the subject printer, and an additional 4% upgrade and buy the related and much more expensive HP Color LaserJet 2605DTN at $738.99. It's "market data" alright ... now this is all going to need some further analysis...


Jim Lyons said...

Read about the "photo laser" in my April blog posting.

Jim Lyons said...

Free fall?
Monday July 10th the LaserJet 2605DN is Amazon's #43,368th best seller, down from yesterday's #42,513.

Competive sales are:
68%, 2600N
18%, 3600N
8%, Phaser 6120 at $289.80
and only 3%, the 2605DN itself