Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Memories from the world of birding

I was delighted to bump a memory-affirming reference today while boning up on my bird calls and songs - tis the season after all! In reviewing American Goldfinch vs. Lesser Goldfinch vs. Pine Siskin (all regulars in my neighborhood), I noticed one of the AMGO recordings was captured by none other than vaunted bird expert and field guide author David Sibley, in the state of New York in May, 1981. This date fits perfectly with my memories of him, as we were both hanging around Cornell University's Laboratory of Ornithology at that time. The blog "Birding is Fun" allowed me to share this recollection in 2010, but one does at least occasionally wonder about the veracity of one's memories, so this was a real pleasure to encounter!
David Sibley's American Goldfinch recording is helpful from an educational standpoint, as well as providing a nice confirmation of my memories!

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