Monday, September 24, 2018

Review: Measure What Matters

Measure What Matters Measure What Matters by John Doerr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With John Doerr and I sharing much the same era of the technology industry, his part-memoir, part-advice book was a great read for me. Going back to his Intel days and admiration of Andrew Grove really hit home - I read Grove's book and admired him, and quoted him, during my early HP days. Later in his career, Doerr has been a tremendous influence on Google and their development as a tech power, and I found his stories very interesting reading. The OKR technique, which he reviews in businesses big and small, is a winner, and I was able to use it as a "what if" on my current job and see the failings that result from not having such a system. Part of the book for me was an audio experience - my second this year - and I really enjoyed hearing the voices of the subjects, rather than just reading a dry pages of an interview.

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