Wednesday, March 16, 2016

State of the Apple Watch - March 16, 2016

As an Apple Watch owner, daily wearer, and fan, I feel a vested interest in seeing the product do well. While my entry into the Smartwatch category didn't start with Apple (I previously owned and wore a Pebble), I generally have high regard for Apple products and have been committed to using all of their mobile products starting with the first iPhone. (Even though I had some iPods over the years, my real interest and even passion started with that first iPhone in 2007.)

I am in the process of "pivoting" (had to get that in) to doing more analysis and blogging in this space, potentially losing out on some of the excitement of printing and imaging (but I will try not to). So to get it started, I will be regularly noting some observations, this being the first.

This week has been a bit of a mixed one for the Apple Watch. First, as we approach the next big Apple event on March 21st, not much is anticipated in terms of Apple Watch announcements. I did find CNET's @sharatibken speculating on possible new bands or watch software, even tying the theme "Let us loop you in" to something watchband-related, we will see if the general consensus is true that it will continue to be rather day on the Apple Watch front.

A big Apple media attention-getter at the start of this week was the 18 minutes John Oliver devoted to the FBI/security story, on HBO's Last Week Tonight, where there was some unexpected trashing of the Apple Watch, and that it was no longer (if ever) cool. This went along with the ridicule of the one other target, "Rose Gold". I have been smarting over the Watch dissing for a couple of days now, so when I saw a friend's brand new Rose Gold iPhone 6Plus this morning, I felt a relief, a la misery loves company! (It is actually a beautiful color for an iPhone, IMHO!)

And then today and a quick search of tweets regarding Apple Watch. The first three of substance all related to heart monitoring (see below). Seems like a niche, but maybe a concentration around the product's true strength/value proposition?

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