Monday, March 28, 2016

Pinterest Printing

Product Hunt had fun with alliteration on this one!
 It seems like it has been way too long since my last "(fill in the blank) Printing" post, once a staple of Jim Lyons Observations. Going back to 2007, and beginning with my "iPhone Printing" , I have been around for a wide variety of similar posts, summarizing questions, tests, and news related to new gadgets and platforms, and their abilities to generate hard copy.

After installing the Chrome Extension, I needed a little refresh on Pinterest Boards
So, in the spirit of "way too long", comes this note on printing for that very popular social media platform, Pinterest. I am a long-time Pinterest member, thanks to another social-media-savvy family member, but truth be told, very light on the usage axis.

Clean, fresh graphics guide new users of Printerest
In searching Product Hunt for a coming monthly Observations feature, Pinterest Printing from Printerest (a "say that three times" special) percolated to the top of print- and printer-related innovations, of the type that Product Hunt is famous for. It seemed only natural to give it a whirl. It's a Chrome browser extension, and after refreshing my crowded brain with just what Pinterest does and how it works (e.g. what's a board?), it worked like a charm. The solution is from, and their story is detailed on Medium, in a piece titled "Let go, and let users. How Pinterest wouldn’t let me build something for their users. So I built it anyway."

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