Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Impromptu game inspired by Google Photos search abilities

What constitutes a pet? Part of the fun of "Pet or not a pet?" game using Google Photos search
As readers might know I have recently been enamored with Google Photos. It seems like a great place to be my central digital photo repository, and its search capabilities are quite amazing.

Over the holidays I came up with a game to be played with grandchildren - following entering "Pet" as a search term, we took turns declaring whether a given photo depicted something that really was a pet. We found there is quite a bit of ambiguity in that term - see screen shot example above. Cats are clearly pets, wild birds (no matter how poor the photo) are not, but what about plastic flamingos?

And I must admit, the idea was inspired, at least a bit, by the legendary Late Show with David Letterman sketch, "Is This Anything?".

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