Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cheapskate Blog on Color Laser and Inkjet Printing

Today's Cheapskate Blog - via Cnet  - is touting a Ricoh color laser printer for $69.99 via online retailer Adorama.

That is a crazy-good deal, and not unusual for Rick Broida - the face behind the Cheapskate. I've used Rick's guidance to get great deals on PCs, storage products, power adapters, and accessories for years now.

While I have yet to meet Rick, I do enjoy his commentaries as well, that come along with his daily (or nearly daily) deals. Today's on color printing is classic - reflecting end user attitudes that favor laser printing over inkjet printing, even in 2015!

If you want to print in color, inkjet printers have always been the necessary evil: They're way less expensive than color lasers, or at least it seems that way until you have to replace their ink cartridges every five minutes.
Me, I've always preferred laser printers, which tend to cost more up front but have a lower total cost per page.

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