Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Tax Day, as technology rolls along...


I woke up this morning with the Beatle's Taxman playing in my head, which helped remind me I still have a couple of tax-related tasks to do today, April 15th - call it tradition.

But it also made me curious about the rate of e-filing, and this blog post, "First Time Tax Filers: 8 Quick & Easy Tips You Should Know", carried by The Huffington Post and penned by @TTaxLisa, TurboTax Blog Editor and CPA. In addition to the basic tips included in the post, the statistic that "about 84 percent of tax returns were e-filed".

Printed tax forms and supporting documents seemed at one time like one of the last bastions of hard-copy domination, but the climbing rate of e-filing shows the world's ever-growing preference for electronic documents. Pretty obvious, right? So what's next?

I found a tidbit that did startle me, I must say, but once again, it shouldn't come as a surprise. "Filing taxes is the next frontier for mobile" according to conclusions from Adobe Digital Index and reported in "ADI: Full Digitization Would Make Filing Less Taxing For Most Americans" by Giselle Abramovich, Senior & Strategic Editor for (The Adobe-sponsored website, by the way, is one of my most-recommended websites to my graduate marketing students.)

The graphic borrowed from the article which I've included at the beginning of this post requires some attention to the "fine print", as the 20+% of "visitors by device type" using smartphones and tablets includes not only tax filing, but also financial management, so I play in all the categories. But call me old-fashioned if you would like, but it is hard to imagine doing my taxes on anything less than a full-size keyboard and not one but two full-sized monitors!

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