Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Who's the Champ in Laser Printers?

An irresistible subject line got me to open this email and link to their landing page 
So am I going to let an email with a subject line like "Who's the Champ in Laser Printers?" lie fallow in my Gmail inbox, even if I know it's a sales come-on from an online retailer (and admittedly one of my favorites, Of course I had to open it and take a look and it's interesting to see the brands included, including relative newcomer Pantum (for the US, at least).

And while the five "most popular products" in the category are offered for some amazing prices, it's interesting to me that two are monochrome printers, one is an mono MFP (the only HP in the offering), and one's a color MFP (a Canon, to go along with the Canon all-in-one mono product.)

Best deal (in my mind)? That would be the HP LaserJet M127h - so good it's a "see price in cart" offer.

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