Monday, April 14, 2014

Glass - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I have been a Glass Explorer over a year now, going by the fact I was notified I was "in" near the end of March 2013. I didn't pick up my unit until mid-August, and have been through a number of interesting Glass-related experiences since then, most involving, at least in part, the "exclusive" nature of being in the program.

So along with the recent news and media discussion about Glass backlash and Google's approach to the B2B market, I have also been intrigued with the "get your Glass" one-day sale slated for tomorrow, April 15th. And when I saw the Forbes piece this morning by @GuyClapperton, "Will You Buy Google Glass Tomorrow" I enjoyed reading the pros and cons for would-be purchasers. And I also had the classic song, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?", originally recorded by the Shirelles and co-authored by Idaho's own Carole King, came to mind.

Though I think it's Google and Glass asking me the question. As mentioned, the door-opening characteristic of my Explorer status is based on its novelty and as Glass gets more and more common, that certainly diminishes. I remember in 2008 when it felt like owning and using an Apple iPhone gave one a bit of an exclusive feeling, in a somewhat similar way, like part of a small club.

But ok Glass, I'll keep on (at least) liking you after tomorrow...

NOTE - This is a revised version of the (draft) post which appeared earlier this morning.

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