Monday, January 06, 2014

Sign of the Times for #CESPrinters - 3D Printer stories dominate

I am sitting out this year's Consumer Electronics Show, with typical mixed feelings. As I find myself drawn more and more to other "beats" beyond printing and imaging, those feelings of "missing something" are definitely there, but the grind of the sprawling Vegas show is not a part of what I'm missing!

Just back to that "printer beat" for a moment, however, here is a dramatic if simplistic example of the surging interest in 3D Printing, while at the same time the quiet nature of the "old" business is highlighted as well.

A Google search on this opening morning of CES, on "CES Printer", yields a page-one listing (partial screen shot above) of 12 items in its organic search (main column), 10 of which feature 3D Printer stories. And one of the other two features Fujifilms's new cameras, as well as the cute little Instax pocket printer designed to provide prints from Smartphones.

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Jim Lyons said...

Day two count is 11 out of 12...