Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fun with Google Glass Printing - but so much more to talk about - #HPPrintDay

I am still processing all the interesting information gleaned from the HP Print Tech Days which took place in Boise this week, and am confident my article pipeline is well stocked for the coming weeks and months.

There is one thing I will immediately highlight here (and those on my Twitter feed will have already seen it, and may recognize the screenshot above) - that was the creation of a #throughglass 2013 poster, including a number of my still photos captured since become a Glass-wearing Explorer in mid-August. (And truth be told, there is one photo included in the collection that depicts a colleague borrowing my Glass, but taken with another camera.)

My hands-on poster creation was part of our visit to the "HP Oasis", a center at HP's Boise site (as well as others around the world) where HP's vast lineup of photo and photo-related devices are available to use, free of charge, for employees and special guests (like retirees and members of the press, which hits me twice!). (The Oasis is worthy of a post in itself, which will be coming along here, along with the rest of the aforementioned pipeline.)

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