Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tablet Day in the USA

Microsoft's Surface includes many familiar features
Today is the day that the Microsoft Surface 2 ships, and the new Apple iPad(s?) are announced.

It's interesting that the tablet battle (which of course, also prominently includes Android-based machines, from Amazon, Google, and others) is really coming down to "do you want something really new" versus "do you want something that is kind of new, but still works in old familiar ways?" The latter choice includes connecting to the old familiar peripherals, like printers, via old familiar connections, like USB, and running old familiar software, like Microsoft Office. (See above - though note this screen shot from the Microsoft website is for the Surface 2 Pro, which is available in early 2014.)

When voting with their dollars, end users seem to be opting heavily for the first option, in the form of iPads, Kindle Fires, Nexus 7's, and the like. And me? Actually I own a variety of them, but found myself depending heavily on a Samsung Chromebook while traveling last week - go figure!

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