Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Printer creators moving ahead!

The Little Printer, as regular readers may recognize, has been one of my favorite topics over the last several years (for the latest, see "Go, Go, Go Little Printer"). Its creative inspiration and success have fit very nicely with "Jim Lyons Observations" and one of my overall themes, that printing is only as old and tired as we wish to make it, and there are signs of life, if not wherever one looks, at least in selective locations.

This morning BERG Cloud, the company behind Little Printer, had an email waiting for me in my inbox,the contents of which are also available on the web. (See "BERG Raises $1.3m Funding Round and Announces Public Launchof BERG Cloud").  And I love their press release's sub-head: "We’re taking funding to make the technology, services and design thinking behind Little Printer available to everyone."

Congrats, BERG Cloud!

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