Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Demise of printing on account of the iPad? Here's the "man bites dog" version...

Demise of printing at the hands of the iPad? It's a familar story of the last few years, but here's a "man bites dog" version, as related in a CNet story questioning the veracity of the "accidental nature" of BBC newsperson Simon McCoy mistaking a package of office paper for an iPad. As the piece, by Chris Matsyzyczyk, points out, the "heft" of the paper would make it very difficult to mistake for the much lighter iPad.

Our industry has been very aware of the shift from consumption of information via electronic devices, like smartphones and tablet computers, at the expense of printers and the supplies and paper which go with them. Here's a purported case, however, of paper replacing the iPad - and does that overall incredulity lead to why it the story is so questioned?

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