Friday, August 23, 2013

Jim Lyons blog sites

Just to keep it all straight, I'll clarify where I am blogging these days. (August 2013)

Here, obviously, multiple times each month - with my monthly Observations also appearing at The Imaging Channel as well as here, too.

Another 1105 property, mine exclusively for mobile musings at The Imaging Channel, is "Goin' Mobile", and my posts appear with many others' work, as part of the "In the Flow" blog on the WorkflowOTG site.

Last and most recent, I've begun posting about some of my Google Glass experiences, with an independent blog at "Glass Half Full" right here on Blogger.

My tweets are still where they've always been @jflyons with the most recent scrolling on the upper right-hand side of this blog.

Hope that getting this straight is helpful - it was for me!

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