Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paper envelopes in trouble - blame Congress!

I listened, then tweeted about an NPR story this morning, National Envelope Hopes to Lick Bankruptcy Filing. As the setup noted, even the company's communication about the filing came via email, and their short summary indicates the company's bankruptcy, its second in three years, comes as a result of "sign of the paperless, digital times".

But envelope industry association CEO Maynard Benjamin blames Congress (of course) - for shutting down post offices. One of my Twitter follower was irritated with this, echoing my sentiments - "don't you know that's why no one uses USPS anymore? Story made me want to reduce my envelope purchasing even more". (The first part was sarcasm.)

Congress is an easy and justifiable target in many discussions these days, but this one? Really?

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