Monday, June 24, 2013

Change at the top for HP Printers

News came from HP last week that Executive Vice President Todd Bradley, manager of the company's Printer and Personal Systems (PPS) unit, was being re-assigned to a new position, EVP of Strategic Growth Initiatives. His replacement, Dion Weisler, comes from within the PPS organization, and has previously managed that unit's APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) region. Interestingly enough, part of the new domain Bradley's new responsibility includes the China market, leading some to see this as a "swap" of responsibilities.

And though the release from HP ("HP Announces Leadership Change in Printing and Personal Systems") includes the Printer unit in its headline, the change as interpreted by the reporter/analyst community as CEO Meg Whitman's effort to get some life back into PC business, with HP printers currently sailing on a relatively calm waters, under the combined leadership of Senior VP's Stephen Nigro and Pradeep Jotwani, who will now report to Weisler.

Another interesting angle, probably no more important than the "job swap" speculation as mentioned above. Bradley came from Palm, an early leader and innovator in mobile devices, while Weisler's
résumé includes stints with Lenovo and Acer, more known for their traditional PC industry presence. One could extend this to the idea HP, not currently a significant player in mobile, is happy to "stick to their knitting" and stay away from this fast-growing segment of the business. But that's, again, making too much out of historical facts that don't really come into play when looking to the future.

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