Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Technology Marches On!

A couple of items pertaining to Apple's iPad caught my attention over the past 24 hours, and both remind me, in different ways, how time and technology march on, mostly for the better!

Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal and All Things Digital reminds us, in "Apps Raise the iPad's Aptitude for Real Work", that the iPad can be a powerful "creation" and not just "consumption" device, with the right productivity apps. (Mossberg doesn't use the "creation" word - that's mine - but instead takes a brief run at defining productivity.) He looks at a variety in this great summary, which he produced via an iPad and Apple's Pages $10 word processor, recently identified as the best-selling paid iPad app in history.

The next piece is a little more frivolous but does speak to the iPad's growing ubiquity. In "iPads Invade the Bathroom", Marketwatch's Charles Passy takes a look at a new iPad accessory to enhance its readability in a very specific location of the house.

Without going on more (see Passy's article if interested), his opening, "Toilet paper still can't be digitized..." did take me back to a very vivid memory from my relatively early days in the printing and imaging industry. Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, numerous predictions of the looming "the paperless office" caused a smug backlash among those of us in the business of print. One of the common come-backs offered by those looking to minimize the threat of those paperless-workplace prognosticators went along the lines of, "That will happen about the same time we see the paperless bathroom!"

Enough of this, for now, but it does remind one to never say never!

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fortboise said...

Love your enthusiasm, and hope to share it some day. Clearly, I just need the right apps...