Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back at DemoMobile

Last October, I paid my first visit to the Demo conference in some time, and summed it up in "Demo 2012 - Turning Over Rocks" and "October a Big Month in the World of Mobile". In addition to a few of my findings from under those rocks during the 2012 event, I summarized my long-time history of attending the conferences, as both industry participant and journalist/analyst, reflecting back on some great (to me, at least) insights and discoveries.

I also recalled how there was once a "Demo Mobile", concluding that with "everything" going "mobile", such a specialized tech conference probably couldn't/wouldn't be pulled off again. Though maybe that was the proverbial pot calling the kettle black - this said after launching my own "Goin' Mobile" blog for The Imaging Channel last year. And sure enough, back comes the "Demo Mobile" conference, a one-day event in San Francisco. I just arrived, so stay tuned! (Twitter hashtag is #DemoMobile2013 - though #DemoMobile seems to be out there too.)

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