Saturday, March 16, 2013

News - HP and Samsung Launch New Mobile Print Offering

Duly noted - HP and Samsung have launched a new mobile print offering. Some of the details can be found in the press release, which states, "Print functionality will be supported with the upcoming release of the Samsung GALAXY S 4 and will be available later this year as a firmware upgrade to the Samsung GALAXY S III and Note II, enabling built-in, wireless printing compatibility."

I have some questions into HP to include in more detailed coverage early in the week, but found the headline itself took me in a number of directions before a got into the detail. As I posted for my MBA Marketing students in our course's online forum, here is a great example of "coop-etition", two companies who both compete and cooperate. Here's what else I posted:

"Here's the headline from the press release:
"HP and Samsung Launch New Mobile Print Offering"
When I saw this I wondered, have the companies worked together in the printer arena, where HP is number one and Samsung is number two in laser printers? Or does it have something to do with smartphones and tablets, where Samsung is the leader in Android-based mobile devices, and HP has just entered that market with their offering, after a disastrous effort based around their own operating system, WebOS.
Actually, the real story is that HP and Samsung have worked together to have a better printing experience from Samsung's leading mobile devices and HP's leading printers. I am assuming they'll continue to battle each other in the respective categories, as well."

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