Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hewlett Packard HPQ Quarterly Printer Metrics through Q1FY2013

While my last few posts involved the HP Analyst Summit in Boston last week (and there will be more to follow), this one represents a bit of housekeeping. HP's Q1 earnings were announced in late February, and I had been woefully behind in updating my Google docs spreadsheet which tracks all of HP's quarterly printing-related metrics since the first quarter of 2006. The "goodies" below product line detail, like color laser printer growth, all-in-one trends, and Indigo pages printed are long gone, but the higher level figures tell a story too. And while the mood at the summit was upbeat for printing and imaging, overall, the end-of-January quarterly numbers were some of the worst ever - hitting bottom perhaps? For example, revenues under $6 Billion was the first time below that water line since 2009. More color to come, but here is my spreadsheet for your perusal.

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