Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2013 HP Industry Analyst Summit - Glad to be here!

March 5, 2013, Boston -- HP has convened hundreds of industry analysts for a three-day session to disclose news and strategies across the firm's broad swath of technology endeavors.  The audience, who collectively cover the many fields of interest where the company does business, will be treated to group sessions led by executives including CEO Meg Whitman, as well as up-close interviews and demonstrations. And I am happy and grateful to be among those attending.

Prominent in those fields of interest, of course, is Imaging and Printing, where the company has grown and prospered, bringing much of the larger industry along with it. Many would say that "as goes HP, as goes the industry", so this early-March session has been a highlight of 2013's calendar for some time, and it is very nice to finally be here to take in all the information the company has to offer.

I'm part of the Imaging and Printing analyst/reporter cadre covering that very significant part of the tech giant's $100 Billion+ annual revenues (21% per their recent Q1FY2013 announcement a couple of weeks ago.) And after the first night reception, I know I can look forward over the remaining two days, to a great blend of a little of the old and lots of the new - integrating historical accomplishments with a myriad of customer-focused new products and solutions. And it will all be presented by a blend of old (I've learned to say "long-time") and new HP colleagues. (Full disclosure department - I worked for HP for 25 years, mostly in the printer business, before joining the observing/analysis side seven years ago.)

I can't wait and stay tuned, here at my blog, as well as my Twitter account, @jflyons, where I expect some good info from other tweeters via the #HPSummit hashtag.

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