Thursday, February 14, 2013

HP Doing an Android Tablet? - So what else is new?

HP Adopting Android - Again?
Tongues are wagging about the report that has HP ditching Microsoft and Windows in favor of Google and Android, in their upcoming tablets and smartphones.

HP Photosmart eStation featured a removable Android tablet/control panel in Fall 2010
While the story is laced with drama, one needs to remember there's nothing new about the Android tablet news. HP can thank its printer division for introducing their first Android tablet, which came as part of their Photosmart eStation all-in-one printer back in September 2010. Though that is less than two-and-a-half years ago, in the tablet world (even more than in dog years) it seems like ancient history. This of course was well before HP had introduced (and then pulled) their ill-fated Touchpad, a webOS product. At that time, the printer group's use of Android tablet was considered usurping the company's internal (via acquisition) mobile OS. Now today's news questions HP's loyalty to Microsoft and Windows.

By the way, that eStation printer with its $399 price tag was suggested by some, at least, at the time of introduction, as a great bargain - even suggesting buying the printer just to get the tablet. Today, at least according to Amazon and one of its reseller affiliates, it's still available and with the price ratcheted down to $240.99.

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Good thing about hp is they always go with flow of trends that's why they survive. I am using Hp printer right now with hp 364xl black. If they make this I will use it for sure.