Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year's News

As we all "get back in the saddle" for 2013, I thought I would point out two interesting print-related news tidbits that have come to my attention the first few days of the New Year. (And if this indicates my inordinate amount of time monitoring my Twitter feed and scanning Google News headlines, you might be on to something - but the year of work has to start somewhere!)

The first was this from Venture Beat, in an article by Meghan Kelly about Polaroid's new Fotobars (see "Polaroid ‘Fotobars’ print Instagram pics on metal, wood, and other materials"). Kelly's article is upbeat and a fun read, as she plays off her apprehension about something like this possibly being "cool and hip". The retail outlets begin opening in February, per the article, and I look forward to visiting one in 2013 - their short list of planned stores doesn't include Boise (surprise!) but of the four locations mentioned (Delray Beach, Fla., New York, Las Vegas, and Boston), I should be around one of them in the coming 12 months.

The second was even a little less related to my overall printer/printing beat, but covered a device I have long been fascinating by (going back to boyhood days and autograph collecting). It sprouted out of the bill signing required for the so-called Fiscal Cliff deal, finalized by a vote of the United States House of Representatives on the evening of the 1st, and "signed" by President Obama sometime shortly thereafter. In "10 facts about the ‘autopen’", Politico writer Kevin Cirilli shares some fascinating history about this signature-generating device. This includes item #7, which begins with "It’s more personal than a printer" - and which should provoke at least some readers out there to click through and learn more! But Fiscal Cliff and Politico? I better stop while I am ahead, and start planning my busy work day for Friday the 4th!

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