Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interesting HP developments - on and off the field

Pardon the sports metaphor in my headline today, but it seems that, at least from an HP printing and imaging perspective, the phrasing "Interesting HP developments - on and off the field" sums up this week perfectly for the Palo Alto, CA-based tech giant.

Numerous stories this January have covered speculation about HP spinoffs
Since I wrote my December Observations about the potential of seeing an independent "HP Printing Company" (see Spin-off Spinning) in 2013, MUCH has been discussed about the company and its potential plans to shed business units, lest others take on the job for them. And the stock has responded - from the time of my December column, with the stock languishing in the $12-and-change range, $HPQ has been generally "up and to the right", closing today at $17.11.

HP Mobile Print Agreement did at least get some ink
So from the business operations standpoint, this would have to be considered the "off the field" activity. "On the field", HP had an exciting mobile-print-oriented announcement this week, with a deal involving smartphone/tablet printing, on the go, to 8,000 Walgreens locations, expanding their "ePrint" network to 30,000 total locations, worldwide. I discuss this in further detail at my "Goin' Mobile" blog at the Imaging Channel (see "Build It, and They (Might) Come".)

And the sports metaphor about on-and-off-the-field stories holds further. As is in the world of sports, and just like in this post, it's the "off the field" stories which capture the top position!

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