Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kickstarter Teaser today - Paper and pixels!

When I saw my Kickstarter teaser email today (subject line - "Projects We Love: Paper and Pixels") I just had to take a further look! The popular crowdfunding site has recently become a go-to source for me, in search of interesting and sometimes quirky ideas related to printing. But this one turned out to be a little off-track from what I had hoped for, but with a little further thought, I see some real possibilities, as well.

First, the second idea ("Pixels") is a "A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions" video game, in the words of the listing, by Nicoll Hunt, of London. See more at Looks fun, but not up this blog's alley.

But the first one took some more pondering. The "Pop-up Paper House" indeed IS a printing opportunity, with the creator, Katherine Belsey, of that mecca of creativity, Brooklyn, NY. The enchanting 2 story, 8-room house is, again in the words of the listing, "Intricately detailed [and] folds flat for storage or travel. Light but sturdy, it is designed for play." The house details are printing via a home color printer, then mounted  on foam core, and are currently available on Belsey's web site (, as are, as the name implies, many delightful pop-up cards patterns.

The Kickstarter project's goal is to get into production with less of a DIY version. Belsey "would like to be able to distribute it as a ready-made product", for people who (sensitive to user needs here), without the skills and/or time for the current version, noting "children of doll-house playing age usually do not have the necessary skill or patience, and that their parents often do not have the time for such an ambitious project." Part of the project's $5,000 goal includes buying the necessary color printer, for prints to be glued onto laser-cut hardboard, and to get into production.

After this little bit of research, I am in, btw!

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