Friday, October 05, 2012

Printed Blog comes up short on Kickstarter

The subject of my August 2012 Observations, The Printed Blog's Kickstarter initiative, has reached its conclusion. A sobering email arrived in my inbox this morning, with the subject line, "Unfortunately, The Printed Blog by ThePrintedBlog was not successfully funded." The numbers on the Kickstarter page reveal a major shortfall in pledges (less than 10% funded). In my research for the August piece, I reported the postulation that 20% and 30% milestones were important in reaching a broader pledging audience.

Despite the bad news, the body of the message includes a bit of encouragement, however.
Unfortunately, The Printed Blog did not reach its funding goal by the project deadline. As a result, your $100.00 pledge has been automatically canceled and your credit card will not be charged.
Even when a project doesn't meet its goal, backing a project shows your support for a creator's work. The value in that never expires!

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