Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Morning of Lyra Symposium Completed - Trends Duly Noted

The first morning of this year's Lyra Printing and Imaging Symposium is complete, with a look at commercial printing from industry leader HP's perspective; a profile of the financials and trends in the copier segment of the business, firm-by-firm; a mobility solution being offered by Global Graphics and Intel; and an office printing overview, from Xerox, as well as Lyra's two analysts in the space.

Tweets at @jflyons and @lyrainc contain some great insights from each of the speakers during the morning.

If any one lasting impression lingers, it's the five key industry trends highlighted by Ann Priede during her "industry snapshot" segment (shared with Charles LeCompte). Though none are exactly knew, it can't be argued that these were front and center during the previous year, and will be of growing importance in the future:

-mobile and cloud printing
-social media and its marketing applications
-device and print management
-commercial printing

And now decision time - the after-lunch program splits into photo printing and green (environment) themes - what to cover?

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