Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winds of change at this blog

It's appropriate to post this in March, the windy month, though the changes in this blog have been in the works for some time.

A combination of things, including my more active roles with both Twitter and The Hard Copy Observer, have led me to de-emphasize my blogging here. I am far from shutting down however, as my monthly Observations will continue to appear here as well as in the Observer, and my Tweets (on the right) are always visible here, and I've found that Twitter is a good substitute for much of what I've done here for four years, which is highlight interesting printing-industry and tech develops, and then comment on them. My Tweets still have all those links, though often my comments are of necessity a bit more brief!

Beyond my monthly column, I will continue to post other things occasionally too, such as my well-read quarterly HP printer industry metrics.

It was back March 2006 that I started this blog in earnest (backfilling with Observations columns going back to December 2005), and over 700 posts later, I'm looking forward to continuing at a more modest pace.

Thanks readers and glad to get this out before April Fool's Day!

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