Friday, February 12, 2010

HP LaserJet -- dubious distinction?

Some of my readers may view my efforts here as being somewhat pro-HP, understanding (or not) my background of having spent a long career with the company, mostly in their printer business. In the interest of balance, I offer this somewhat less glowing "tribute", with a LaserJet "feature" (pictured above) showing up in Technologizer's Top 15 Design Mistakes.

The long-ago "PC Load Letter" makes it as #13 on writer Benj Edward's (@benjedwards) top #15. (I will make you hit the article directly to find the other Printer entry on the list.) But one answer not revealed in the excellent summary by Edwards? What's the LaserJet model, and year of introduction? First correct answer wins a vintage piece of LaserJet memorabilia!

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