Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

To all my readers, have a great 2010!

As I reflect back on my year in blogging, I am observing how my writing patterns have changed in 2009. The addition of active "micro-blogging" through Twitter has taken away from the volume of traditional blog posts, no doubt, but has hopefully provided a more real-time alternative via my tweetstream displayed here (to the right). And granted, not all my tweets are dedicated printer-industry topics, so please pardon the marketing, economics, careers, and yes, occasional football subjects.

Another change/distraction (but for the better overall) is the transition from traditional to online publishing for The Hard Copy Observer. In addition to my monthly Observations columns, which also appear here (I can't hardly believe I'm now in my fifth year of monthly columns), I also am a contract writer for the Observer, and topics I might have published here in the blog now have a tendency to end up there, as we become subject to the legendary 24-hour news cycle, at least as it exists in the printer industry!

Again, readers, thanks for stopping by on a regular basis, and see you in 2010!

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