Tuesday, September 08, 2009

HP Print Apps store launches

If this post-Labor Day surprise from HP doesn't quite measure up to 2001 and the company's announced intention to acquire Compaq Computer, maybe we can all breathe a little easier. This news is simply the launch of the iPhone-apps-store-like HP Apps Studio, announced in June (see "HP Reveals! Web-enabled inkjet all-in-one sets new industry direction"), along with some new partners, like AOL (!) and CNET.

And it's interesting tracking the early response to the news. ZDNet's Larry Dignan, with a video analysis by Sam Diaz, hit pretty hard. In their piece "HP plays the print app game; Will you buy into 'Printing 2.0'?", the App Studio screen shot is followed by the slide from the Q3 Financials slide set (see "HP Printer Metrics, Q3 FY2009 Results") and questions HP's (and the industry's) need to get back on track with printing in both home and office. And so far, the readers' comments (though not volumes) seem rather lukewarm on the new urge to print that might be brought about by some of HP's recent innovations.

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