Thursday, September 17, 2009

HP (NYSE HPQ) Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer and HP's DreamScreen

Ed Baig of USAToday has a piece in today's paper (and online) "This HP (NYSE HPQ) printer doesn't need a PC to print stuff from the Web". I found Ed's piece to be quite favorable towards the product we've covered here since its June announcement (see "HP Reveals".

I particularly found his concluding remarks favorable regarding the product and the potential category of products it represents:
It'll take awhile, but as prices fall, I suspect Web printers will become the norm. Lexmark recently hit the market with its own Web-connected all-in-ones, targeted at small businesses. HP's start is promising. The last chapter is yet to be printed.

On another HP front, the company today announced the DreamScreen (see "HP's Dandy DreamScreen"), per @harrymccracken at Technologizer, "Photo Frames on Steroids". We've covered the Photo Frame category here, from time to time, more with an eye to their role as a "print substitute" (see "Photo Frames - Printer Friend or Foe?"). So that potential clash still exists, in this case with two products from HP both with enhanced Web access capabilities, and apparently targeted at two different camps customers who want print or want display, but who share the desire for a well-packaged, easy-to-use appliance that circumvents the need for a PC.

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