Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Hard Copy Observer -- now online!

We've commented on these transitions in the past (e.g. see "The New (Online) PC Magazine"), but it's now happened in the Lyra Research family. The Hard Copy Observer is now online!

Long in the planning stages, the August 2009 issue will be the last in the traditional (mostly) black-and-white newsletter format, the publication that has delivered the printer industry's news and updates, in detail and with insight available nowhere else, since 1991.

Lyra's Publications Vice President Ann Priede discusses the transition in her "From the editor..." piece. From her column:

Welcome to the Observer Online! All of the news and analysis that you've come to depend on from The Hard Copy Observer is now just a click away. Lyra's new online site provides you with the same in-depth coverage of product announcements and industry events, only now this news is delivered to your desktop—when you want it, how you want it. Bookmark this page now and browse the site each day for the latest industry news as well as in-depth analysis of market trends and vendor strategies. Or click on the news stories displayed in the weekly e-mail that will show up in your mailbox alerting you to new articles and information.

And to answer questions, my Observations column will CONTINUE to appear here, as well as in the online Observer! Look back here in a day or two for September's column, delayed just a bit by our digital transition...

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