Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Databazaar Blog takes on the end of The Printed Blog, HP's (NYSE HPQ) Web-connect printer

A couple of topics covered here recently provide the foundation for some intelligent discussion over at The Databazaar Blog.

Their post, "Doomed From the Start, The Printed Blog Shuts Down" echoes some of the sentiments expressed here (see "Ultimate Countertrend? - The Printed Blog"), and expands on the demise of the noble and interesting (to me, anyway) experiment. Thanks for the link, too, DBB!

And the next post down, "Rojas and Block Weigh in on Photosmart Premium With TouchSmart Web", offers a take, two actually, on the recently announced all-in-one inkjet (see my post from announcement day three weeks back, "HP Reveals! Web-enabled inkjet all-in-one sets new industry direction"). The post is actually a summary of the Rojas/Block gdgt weekly podcast, but kudos to DBB for the quick summary and also for coming up with the name "Presto", another HP-based quick-and-easy solution for communications (see my November 2008 Observations, "Hard Copy Communications for Families").

A little credit to HP too, as their well-publicized press event brought quite a crowd to comment on the web-connect printer concept. As Databazaar Blog points out:

Peter Rojas and Ryan Block of Engadget and GDGT fame seem to take pride in never discussing printers on their popular podcast. But they couldn't resist HP's full court public relations press so they broke down and chatted about the Photosmart Premium With TouchSmart Web on their June 25, 2009 podcast.

One footnote -- interesting to see Databazaar's offer of a free $30 gas card with the purchase of two qualifying HP (branded) toner cartridges. I just saw a similar offer this morning from OfficeMax for a free Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse combo, with the purchase of two HP eligible toner cartridges. And it was just a couple of weeks ago that I received a free Bluetooth headset, included with the purchase of a single toner cartridge (it wasn't an HP-brand cartridge, but it was the same brand as that of the laser printer in question!).

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