Monday, June 08, 2009

Xerox (NYSE XRX) and Information Overload Syndrome

Xerox has a video on, "Information Overload Syndrome", that is attracting some marketing-industry attention. The Wall Street Journal's blog, Digits, has a piece by Bill Bulkeley, "Can a Made-Up Disease Help Xerox Sell Services?", that explores Xerox's efforts at "going viral" with this excellent (and yes, over-the-top) mock-news-style exploration of "IOS". At under 8,000 views on YouTube after several weeks, it's not exactly setting the world on fire, but certainly should be viewed as an overall success and innovative use of new media resources, using a "very modest amount" of money, as Bulkeley quotes Young and Rubicam's Christa Carone. And like many of its ilk, the video only indirectly gets at a true "call to action", which we infer is engaging Xerox and their managed print services capabilities.

And by the way, I was informed of the WSJ piece (and the video) by a "tweet" from @XeroxCorp!

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