Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Microsoft Bing making gains in early returns, even with this blog

The recently announced Microsoft Bing search engine, announced just the week before last, is making some good headway, according to comScore numbers as reported by TechCrunch's Robin Wauters (see "comScore Study: Bing Is Off To A Very Good Start").

A Statcounter study reported last week that Bing searches (when combined with other existing Microsoft Search sites) had even surpassed Yahoo! for at least a day, and even at this humble blog, Microsoft searches have recently approached double-digits, though still far behind Yahoo! and king-of-the-hill Google.

While it's easy to fall prey to the thinking Microsoft generally has lost its marketing (and execution) touch that often was felt even in the printer business, it seems things are off to a good start with Bing. (Confession -- I fell for the cynics' view when my first page load of the Bing site came up with the old "Live Search" page last Monday.) And as Wauters points out:
But boy is it good to have some real competition in search going, even if just for a short while.

I couldn't have said it better!

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Servizi Fotografici said...

Bing might steal some market from google at this initial stage. But in the long term it will lose all, and even more if MS does not add something really innovative.