Friday, May 15, 2009

E-book Footnotes -- Campaigning on Kindle, the new "Kindling"

Campaigning on Kindle

A reader based in Montana has forwarded along this news, about the first candidate for US Congress with an Amazon Kindle-based campaign. Interesting!

Tyler Gernant has become the first candidate for political office to offer his position papers via Amazon Kindle. For every 99-cent download of these policy packets, 34 cents will go towards the purchase of tree saplings for communities in Montana, where Gernant is running for U.S. Congress. Periodically we will update you on how many trees we will be able to purchase and then during the Montana planting season, the Gernant for Congress campaign will engage in a volunteer effort to reinvest in one of the state's most valuable natural resources by planting trees.

The Amazing Kindling

And Twitterers are tweeting away this week over the new "Kindling" -- quite a clever spoof on the much-discussed (NASDAQ AMZN) Kindle. Only one #Kindling reference on Twitter so far, though. It is nice to have some lighter topics, moving on from #Swineflu, taking up tweet-space.

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