Thursday, April 30, 2009

Symantec's Project Guru -- great target marketing

I found a great column by Christopher Breen at PC.World online, "Remotely Fixing the Family Printer", that really "hit home" with its real-life transcript going through just what the title suggests.

The experience took me back to last month's Demo Conference and the Symantec (NASDAQ SYMC) presentation of their "Project Guru" solution. While I don't yet have direct experience with the solution, I do have direct experience with being the family "guru" when it comes to tech support. "Project Guru" was the subject of some favorable Demo reviews, and again, while not being able to speak to its market success to date, the definition of its customer and the need, i.e. giving assistance and tools the one family member who inevitably gets called on to be "tech support" for the rest of the clan.

Here's a snippet from Breen's column that illustrates the idea:

Me: Is the printer plugged in to both the power outlet and your computer?

Them: I didn't touch it.

Me: I know. But it's plugged in, right?

Them: It worked last week.

See the column for the rest of the transcript of the ultimately successful help session!

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Jim Lyons said...

Now that I think about it it's really "market targetting" but too late now! -- JL