Sunday, April 26, 2009

iPhone Printing App featured on current Apple commercial

iPhone printing has reached a new level of relevance with a leading iPhone app featured in a recent Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) TV commercial. And we predicted it here first (well sort of). iPhone printing has made the big time, with inclusion of an iPhone printing application in one of their new TV commercials.

While the commercial is not brand new (e.g. the Apple Blog's Darren Etherington posted about it several weeks ago), in "iPhone Ad Breakdown -- Itchy, Office, Student"), I just saw it for the first time today, while watching the final round of the NFL draft on ESPN.
EuroSmartz Ltd's "Print & Share" (or "Print n Share"), with a retail price of $6.99 -- high for an iPhone app, is the featured program.

I blogged about, and have been using, the company's original printing program for iPhone, simply titled "Print for iPhone", since late last year (see "iPhone Printing boom!").

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