Thursday, April 30, 2009

HP's (NYSE HPQ) new inkjet cartridge packaging

I mentioned HP's new packaging for its inkjet cartridges in my Earth Day post (see "HP's (NYSE HPQ) Inkjet Cartridge Recycling efforts"), but seeing is believing.

In a visit to my local Office Depot (NYSE ODP) yesterday, I needed to replace a #21 black ink cartridge for our office's faithful HP PSC 1410 All-in-one and was able to purchase the product in its new packaging. (See photo above.) It was an easier in-store compare-and-contrast exercise due to the fact that both packaging options were on the rack, with the newer, less excessive box rolling in to replace the old ones. While HP had pointed out efficiencies in shipping the new packages (up to 60% more cartridges per case), that also of course rolls into retail as well, where much more product can be displayed in the same shelf space. One downside of the smaller package is of course theft -- a pocket-size cartridge box was handy for me yesterday, post-checkstand as I passed on an Office Depot plastic bag to hold my purchase, but of course the same "advantage" also is there for the "pre-checkstand" pocketing type. Let's hope other technologies (rather than physical bulk) can continue to come to the aid of this situation!

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