Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Xerox (NYSE XRX) -- Most Admired Computer Company, per Fortune Magazine

While much of the world of high tech was focused in on major conferences and trade shows like TED, Demo, and PMA, Fortune magazine released its most-admired companies listing. And it contains what must be considered by some at least, some surprises.

Xerox Corporation (NYSE XRX) is ranked Number One in the "computer company" category. (See "Xerox Ranked Number One in Computer Industry by FORTUNE’s Most Admired Companies Survey".) They even beat out Apple (NASDAQ APPL), the #1 most admired company overall, in the computer company category. HP (NYSE HPQ) is #3 this year in the category, and the others follow as shown in the table.

Most Admired
Rank Company Overall score
1 Xerox 7.28
2 Apple 7.07
3 Hewlett-Packard 7.04
4 Canon 6.05
5 Sun Microsystems 5.92
6 Dell 5.62
7 Ricoh 5.23
8 Fujitsu 4.92
9 NEC 4.86
10 Lenovo Group 4.77
11 Asustek Computer 4.21
12 Quanta Computer 3.79

Source, Fortune Magazine.

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