Monday, March 30, 2009

A new favorite iPhone app, JotNot

Last week I tweeted* about some amazing results (to me anyway) from Amazon's (NASDAQ AMZN) "Amazon Remembers" portion of the online bookseller's Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) iPhone app:

Amazon Remembers on iPhone is amazing -- it found me a GREEN LA Lakers cap to buy, based on the submitted photo of my friend's similar but not identical cap. 5:40 PM Mar 17th from web

(Once again, Twitter proves you can say most anything in 140 characters or less -- or at least attempt to!)

And one of my most respected writers and technoids, The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, shared his iPhone favorites in March 26th's Personal Technology column"Some Favorite Apps That Make iPhone Worth the Price". He includes that "other" Amazon (NASDAQ AMZN) app, the Kindle book reader (see "Kindle Meets iPhone"), along with some of my other top apps, including the excellent Facebook and Google Mobile applications.

But now I've got another new favorite, JotNot, by Mobi Tech 3000 LTD. My first exposure was a profile in TechCrunch (see "JotNot Turns Your iPhone’s Camera Into A Document Scanner"), and since then I've purchased ($3.99) and downloaded the app, and put it to use. So far, so good! I've converted quick snaps of receipts and other paperwork into permanent photo records, and also made some previous whiteboard snaps clear and much more usable.

Recalling my enthusiasm for Amazon Remembers, I find JotNot interesting because its another application for iPhone's built-in digital camera that's not the traditional "picture-taking" mode that mimics traditional cameras, digital and film, but rather another, different use for captured still images.

To get started you can try their web version at

* past tense of the verb, to tweet, per twittonary

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