Monday, March 30, 2009

Kodak's Print and Prosper campaign

Last night, as I was doing research for this blog and watching NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice", awaiting another appearance from an industry player similar to last year's Kodak (NYSE EK) inkjet printer product placement, along comes a new series of commercials kicking off the new Kodak campaign for its inkjet printers, under the banner of "Print and Prosper".

Including such provocative messages as "customers overpaying $5 Billion too for ink", the 15-second spots push viewers to the web site,, where users can use the "OVERPAYMENT CALCULATOR" (lots of all-caps on this site). They can compare Kodak's "FAIRLY PRICED INK" and the savings they could have gained vs printing at various usage levels and models from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark.

Today's Wall Street Journal, in "Kodak Ads Get More Aggressive
Brand Takes On Rivals, Seeks Hipper Image as It Focuses on Printing Business"
by Suzanne Vranica, looks at Kodak's history and its current promotion strategy as managed by Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hayzlett.

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